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Turck application standard guide rail mounting temperature transducer in the forest root oil refinery

Item No.: WLS095
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Oil refining technology, temperature is one of the most important process parameters. In order to operate more efficiently in oil refineries, need more temperature measurement points. The British Petroleum Company is located in the German forest root oil refinery, IM34 temperature converter Turck produced with the help of experts on human-computer interaction technology to achieve technological transformation.
Distillation, distillation, hydrogenation, reforming, cracking. These terms are used to indicate the crude oil into final products, such as gasoline, kerosene or different processing methods of chemical raw materials, their sound is so complicated. In these methods, many of which are based on crude oil and the product of heating and cooling. Therefore, temperature is a very important parameter in the process of oil refining. "50 years ago our refinery was finished, the temperature measurement points is not enough. With the improvement of automation degree and processing method becomes more and more complicated, the number of temperature measurement points is also increasing rapidly." the words of Holger Nitschke, responsible for the use of HCI treatment temperature measurement results of forest root refinery he belongs in the British oil company. The refinery is located in northern Germany, the forest root, because of the workshop continuously in automation Rebuilding and expanding the scale of production, it has become the best place for fuel products. Because of its high degree of processing, and therefore difficult to extract crude oil can be refined into high quality products. In order to achieve this goal, reliable, safe, precise measurement technology is required.
Standard rail instead of 19 inch cage technology
Replace the temperature converter installed in 1980s to become the topic. In recent three years with a 19 inch cassette converter in the control room used in different times, forest root refinery now use modern equipment installation interface standard guide in the new project, rather than the original 19 inch products. "In our factory, more and more 19 inch card cage products are replaced, because standard rail products can meet our needs, help us more effectively save the cost, installation time is greatly shortened." Nitschke said, "if necessary, I can easily replace the products from different manufacturers of the original equipment from the guide will be removed, new equipment installed go up, then the power supply, input and output signal is connected to the device. It is so simple"
Although there are many products to choose from, in the replacement of 19 inches of products, the experts of BP chose IM34 temperature converter production. "In the Ataturk company that saw the supplier to provide samples, we decided to use the Turck product." Holger Nitschke explained, "in addition to excellent cost-effective, compact design and convenient installation for us is also very important, because the space cost control room is becoming increasingly expensive.
The temperature measurement technology becomes modernization does not mean that all must install new equipment, using the right technology, through a simple replacement temperature converter can meet the needs of the present. The forest root refinery as an example, "in the past we used K type thermocouple for temperature measurement, that is why in some of the old device, between the control room and the device will laid nickel chromium nickel silicon / compensation cable cause. When replacing the temperature converter after all the original cable -- including sensors, can continue to use." Nitschke explained.
The IM34 is capable of handling different input signals
In addition to the thermocouple, the temperature sensor Pt100, a manufacturing based on the principle of platinum resistance with temperature changes of the products, has been more and more applied in the field of process automation. As the temperature measurement range from -200 DEG C to a resistance type temperature sensor 500 DEG C, Pt100 thermal resistance is more than double high precision. In comparison, the temperature measuring thermocouple suitable for larger range. Regardless of the temperature measuring element used as a general-purpose temperature converter, the input signal can be processed by IM34 including Ni100/Pt100 thermal resistance, thermocouple or millivolt signal. This equipment will be the universal and powerful can freely set the parameters of the data recorder, and a computer interface for PC simple programming integrated with.IM34 DTM (device type manager) program has been developed to meet this program Current design guidelines for the FDT group
"We use PACTware as a programming framework." Holger Nitschke said. The simplified vocabulary represents "process automation configuration tools, configuration software is an open. Any manufacturer can integrate the equipment on the spot to the operation of this software in.Nitschke did not choose to use the DIP switch or rotary encoding switch configuration the product, because" in just a few days, you don't know exactly how much you need to adjust the DIP switch, the temperature converter such as IM34, due to the large number of arranged together, if you want to adjust the parameters through the DIP switch, there may be damage to the stent, especially for the compact design of this kind of expectation it is almost no space to use the DIP switch.
Data logger in IM34
One of the distinctive features of the temperature of IM34 converter is the integration of the data recorder. The memory can be set free parameters provides process diagnostic tools 8000 measurement points and strong. Therefore, the user can decide the time measurement data input format, you can set the alarm parameters, finally through the FDT/DTM read data. Also on the monitor from the scene equipment to channel control system. In order to achieve this goal, the IM34 interface module will continue to complete the data to memory. The stable storage data can be completely recorded, the power will not be lost. In this way, an interface device into a said instantaneous recorder in essence.
Excellent partners
Not only is the equipment technology and the price impact of Nitschke Turk, the company's service concept also left a deep impression, so he decided to use Turk's IM34 products. "Three years ago, when we first installed equipment, suddenly appeared a firmware problem. In this case, you can between the supplier and customer relations of cooperation in the end how close. Turk's service is one hundred percent satisfactory." Nitschke says, "in a very short period of time, all the installed equipment are replaced with a new firmware. After that, a total of hundreds of IM34 products are all up to now. This is the normal work for this kind of products is the best introduction"