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TTech - GBT19216A wire and cable fire burning tester

Item No.: WRS001I
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Product parameters
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Brief introduction:
Fire-resistance cable refers to the flame to be able to keep a certain time to safe operation of the cable.
China's national standard GB12666.6 IEC331 (equivalent) will fire test points A, B two levels, A grade flame temperature of 950 ~ 1000 , the duration for fire, 90 min, class B flame temperature of 750 ~ 800 , for fire duration 90 min, during the whole test, the sample should be under the rated voltage value of the product;
Ty, teck wire and cable fire test device based on GB/T19216.11-2003 requirements (replacement GB12666.6) and IEC60331-11, used for fire-resistant cable or optical cable, under the condition of fire, and determine its refractory properties parameters acquired.
1. The air flow meter and gas meter each one;
2. The pressure regulating valve and pressure gauge two sets of control air and gas pressure, respectively.
3. The flow rate of the needle valve accurately control gas flow, air flow (5) 80 L/min. Propane gas flow (5 and 0.25 L/min;
4. The banded torch automatic ignition, automatic control gas open circuit;
5. Independent standard electrical control platform;
6. Intelligent detection function, when the specimen during short circuit test of automatic alarm and turn off the fire
7. Sample circuit in the 2 a fuse current;
8. The sample exert power AV 100 v to 1000 v adjustable;
9. For fire time can be set freely, standard recommended for 90 min
Technical parameters:
Voltage: three - phase AC 380 v, 50/60 hz, 30 a
Input voltage is 0 ~ 1000 v; The adjustable;
Fusing breakdown current sample: 2 a;
The maximum power: 5000 va.
Timer: 0 ~ 999 min
Adjustable flame temperature 0 ~ 1100 ;
Load current test: 0.25 A, adjustable;
Size: 1600 (W) x 850 x 1650 mm (H) (D)
The console size: 600 (W) x 750 x 1200 mm (H) (D)
Power supply: AC 380 v 3 - phase, 50/60 hz, 30 a
Weight: 100 kg