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The Imam EMA intelligent sensor for OEM NC machine tool

Item No.: WLS102
This is a case of sensor network solution. you can refer to the case put forward demand, we will provide the best service for you.
As an important component of electrical sensor CNC machine tools, machine tool widely used all kinds of sensors makes the achievements of its high automation and high precision. The sensor is capable of detecting the amount prescribed by induction, and in accordance with a usable output signal of the device or device to convert certain rules, the input signal (i.e. detection) for non electricity, and the output signal is often more easy to handle our power. All kinds of a large number of sensors used in a NC machine above: proximity switches, pressure sensor, temperature sensor, liquid level sensor, speed sensor and sensor type, mainly used to detect the position, pressure, temperature and flow.
The Imam (EMA) sensor company as a professional production enterprises, the full range of the sensor owns complete application in machine tools: pressure sensor, temperature sensor, speed monitor, intelligent proximity sensor, liquid level sensor, a regional encoder screen, etc., can perfectly meet the large machine for the stringent requirements of response speed well, meet the needs of small and medium machine and high precision machine tool for strict accuracy:
1, High reliability and high anti-interference;
2, High precision and customer requirements for speed;
3 ,Easy to use and maintain, suitable for application on machine tools;
4, Low maintenance costs
The following for the application of all kinds of sensors in the machine tool called:
1 ,Photoelectric encoder for displacement detection and speed detection:
1-1: For displacement detection: encoder spot also called pulse encoder, it can be converted into mechanical rotation of electrical pulses at the end part of the machine above X and Z axis is equipped with photoelectric encoder for angular displacement measurement and digital speed, angular displacement by linear displacement of screw pitch indirectly reflect the carriage or the knife;
1-2: Used for speed detection: photoelectric encoder generates a pulse at the time after the angular displacement variable, with the timer can detect the angular velocity, speed control servo unit in CNC system speed detection generally used for machine tools.
2, Proximity switch for position detection:
The proximity switch suggests that when the object is near when there will be a switch signal output, and it does not require direct contact object is detected, the main application of proximity switch on the machine tool called in knife control, stroke control table, the piston stroke control cylinder and cylinder.
3, Pressure detection:
The pressure sensor is a pressure sensor into electrical signals, intelligent pressure sensor and called having a plurality of programmable output signal can be a full range of programmable output signal types, its high sensitivity, high repetition accuracy, excellent stability, in the machine bed machine adapted to monitor the workpiece clamping force and when the clamping force is lower than the set value when the workpiece will lead to loose, the system will give an alarm, stop cutting; change, also can detect the cutting force and its hydraulic system, lubrication system, pneumatic system is used to detect oil or gas pressure in the road, when the oil or gas path. The pressure is less than the set value, the electric shock action will then signal to system control.
4, Temperature detection:
The temperature sensor is used called thermal resistance measurement of the PT1000/PT100 components in the machine is mainly used to monitor the temperature and temperature compensation or overheat protection, the machine in the work with the rotation of the motor and the moving parts of the movement, cutting will generate heat, but the temperature distribution is not uniform, will cause a certain temperature difference. The NC machine tool thermal deformation, affecting the accuracy of machined parts. In order to avoid these effects, the machine will be installed with a temperature sensor, it can give it the temperature value detected by the real-time transmission to the control system, it can achieve in the set point is transferred to the control system of machine tool temperature monitoring and implementation control.
5, Flow detection:
The flow sensor called for fluid (liquid and gas) flow detection is has its own originality, a new type of intelligent flow temperature in Germany this year called the iF product design award, the integrated sensor perfectly combines the temperature and flow sensor detection, can also induced the flow and temperature of two physical quantities. And the output of two independent signal, of two outputs are set separately, very suitable for use in hydraulic system of machine tool, lubricating system and cooling device, a temperature called one sensor can monitor the flow of two important parameters, save money, and more stable.
6, Liquid level detection:
There are series of products called sensor for detecting liquid level, liquid level sensor includes a tuning fork; float float float type liquid level sensor; liquid level sensor; capacitive liquid level sensor, liquid level sensor which small fork and float is specially developed to detect the Imam application and the smaller tank liquid level, at present a large number of the application in a small tank of kerosene, lubricants, hydrochloric acid and so on in the liquid level detection, lubricating oil for lubrication system of machine tool is very suitable for detection.
The above is the current machine of Imam sensor applications, with the future of the machine tool industry sustainable development, the company is developing more intelligent sensor's type, with the continuous introduction of new products, will make our solutions in the future of the machine tool industry more perfect, more adaptive.