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The application of EMA speed frequency monitor in wind power generation

Item No.: WLS101
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With the country's green energy policy, to achieve the goal of energy saving and emission reduction, wind power generation is one of the national key energy-saving projects, with the encouragement of government policy and the rapid development of domestic economy, can look forward to the increasing demand for energy, called as prison speed frequency instrument can be used in wind power industry.
He used to control the frequency monitor and diagnosis speed optimization operation of the wind
The main function for the control and diagnosis function optimization of wind operation. This product is suitable for monitoring fast pulse, acquisition and processing of the speed signal by the sensor and the signal after the completion of test record and monitor and control function can achieve the speed. The movement of the rotating monitoring effectively, and all the linear motion is converted into physical the unit pulse group. The stall, with different functions specifically monitoring motor speed, synchronous, reverse (slow speed, fast speed and time synchronization operation or direction) and tailor-made. Its range of application in monitoring of wind power generation device leaves the maximum speed, also includes monitoring the operation state of the motor transport the monitor stall monitoring and motor direction.
Integrated circuit intelligent speed frequency monitor, users can set the measurement frequency, speed, pulse and alarm point at any time
Outputs: NPN, PNP, Relay, 4~20mA, 0~10V
Show: LCD
Power protection: overload, short circuit, reverse polarity
Installation: DIN
Protection level: IP52
Authentication: CE, RoHS.