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The application of EMA automation solutions in iron and steel industry

Item No.: WLS100
This is a case of sensor network solution. you can refer to the case put forward demand, we will provide the best service for you.
Imam EMA has years of experience in the steel industry, can all demand in the industry to meet customer and first-class solutions, with the double pressure production cost and environmental protection, today's steel industry requires higher efficiency than ever before. For any mills, a high reliability and cost-effective automation products and reliable operation time can improve the productivity and production capacity and equipment, reduce downtime, reduce the cost and time of logistics.
At present, the domestic iron and steel enterprises in many of Imam EMA products, more and more key links in the same enterprise in on the figure of Imam, Imam automation products provide a full range of services for iron and steel enterprises:
1: The cooling system for steel;
2: Hydraulic systems for steel mills;
3: Steel oriented cycle system;
4: Shear positioning for steel mills;
5: Steel oriented omnidirectional signal acquisition system
The application of signal acquisition in the entire automation system of EMA mills Imam of the Imam. EMA electronics provides components of signal acquisition and processing to complete automation links: the flow of signal processing, signal acquisition and processing temperature, pressure signal collection and processing, material signal acquisition and processing, the security protection of the screen, close to the inductor and capacitor sensor, button switch and tower type alarm lamp and so on, the iron and steel in the smelting process need to collect signal together, mills sequence control, process control, transmission control and motion control together.
The temperature and flow control scheme: EMA is used in thermal measuring principle, within the allowable range (temperature: -40 to +150; flow: 3-300cm/s) can accurately measure the monitored object temperature and flow, a component with independent analog and digital dual output, with only one component you can monitor the temperature and flow state of the two volume. Advantages of saving, reliable, maintenance free.
Pressure control program: EMA adopts piezoelectric ceramic technology, pressure switch pole shape can be measured up to 600 kilograms of pressure, good heat resistance, abnormal small temperature drift, high measurement precision and repeatability, can simultaneously output and analog switch, can also present to all kinds of pressure the unit displays the current value of pressure.
Proximity, photoelectric sensor control program: independently developed for the steel industry, proximity and photoelectric sensors, high temperature resistance, vibration resistance, welding slag, anti-interference, reliable operation in high temperature environment
There are many different types of automation products that can also be used in iron and steel manufacturing enterprises as well as their surrounding industries such as mining, transportation, crushing, storage, safety protection, and so on.