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Sensors for plastics and rubber manufacturing equipment

Item No.: CHG0123
We can provide you with the Second development of the sensor, customized or provide solutions and other services
Product parameters
Service mode: Second Development ,ODM or Provide Solution
Payment Terms: T/T , Western Union, PAYPAL
Shanghai Zhaohui Pressure Instrument Co. Ltd. (ZHYQ) was founded in 1999, is the comprehensive strength of a strong professional manufacturer. The company has 13 years of professional experience. The sensor, has been committed to providing customers with high-quality transmitter, automation control technology products, services and solutions, and create long-term value and potential growth for customers. Asahi company has successfully developed and produced a series of sensors has reached more than 80, more than 500 kinds of brand, which has won the national patent 10. Several varieties of products covered by the high temperature melt pressure sensor / transmitter, melt pressure gauge, diaphragm pressure gauge, pressure sensor / transmitter industry, shield machine special pressure transmitter magnetostrictive displacement / liquid level sensor, temperature sensor, tension sensor, intelligent digital instrument, weighing system and all kinds of sensor core products.