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Remote pressure differential transmitter

Item No.: CHG0128
We can provide you with the Second development of the sensor, customized or provide solutions and other services
Product parameters
Service mode: Second Development ,ODM or Provide Solution
Payment Terms: T/T , Western Union, PAYPAL
Overview of differential pressure transmitter products:
PT124B-3051D differential pressure transmitter for measuring liquid, liquid, gas or steam density, pressure, and flow, and then turn it into 4 ~ 20mADC HART current output signal. PT124B-3051D or RSM100 Modem handheld terminal can communicate with the 375, parameter setting, process control and so on.
Characteristics of differential pressure transmitter:
1.The world's leading high-precision silicon sensor technology
2. Highest accuracy up to ± 0.075%;
3.Good stability, excellent static performance, static optimal error less than ±0.1%/10MPa;
4.The sensor integrated with high sensitivity temperature sensor, transmitter temperature performance is excellent