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PX - 07-001 building materials monomer products fire test device

Item No.: WRS001K
The image of product is sample, user can refer to the function and indicators of the sample custom products, can also according to the sample to provide OEM products to our customers. Can also according to the demand to provide RD design services
Product parameters
Service mode: ODM OEM RD
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Brief introduction:
SBI test method is used to test building materials product when exposed to heat source, the fire-resistant performance (except floor materials). Sample is placed in the exhaust system under mobile cart, combustion reaction can be displayed automatically and visual sample. Machinery (H.R.R) is by calculating the heat release rate, smoke release rate (S.R.R) to assess the combustion characteristic, and other physical properties were assessed by visual observation. The SBI measuring range, the fire growth rate index (FIGRA) is the most representative measuring factors; In addition, the representative of the measuring factors and oxygen consumption, CO, CO2 generation, smoke growth index (SMOGRA), etc. The highest heat release rate can be up to 1 mw.
1. The appearance of advanced industrial control and design;
2. High degree of automation, test process is safe and reliable, operation is convenient;
3. The programmable controller (PLC) control system:
4. Automatic ignition, the ignition failure detection protection.
5. Propane gas flow automatic control and display.
6. PLC + inverter implements automatic exhaust gas flow control and display.
7. Automatic measurement and calculation: combustion heat release rate (H.R.R), tobacco growth index (SPR), oxygen consumption (O2),
8. CO2 generation.
9. 10.2 "touch screen embedded integration:
10. The control parameter setting and display; Test condition and fault display, query.
11. The USB data export. Can be printed.
12. Can the independent manipulation of the complete test machine.
13. The computer control system: