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Oil well cementing | pressure transducer sensor

Item No.: CHG0124
We can provide you with the Second development of the sensor, customized or provide solutions and other services
Product parameters
Service mode: Second Development ,ODM or Provide Solution
Payment Terms: T/T , Western Union, PAYPAL
The supply of oil well cementing | pressure transducer sensor
PT124B-2521 oil well cementing | acidification fracturing | | fracturing pressure sensor / transmitter, high-quality imported elastomer and high precision pressure sensitive core body made of stainless steel, the whole package, moisture sealing, the factory after thousands of times of fatigue impact test, with fast dynamic response, high precision, anti vibration, anti fatigue, anti bias load strong, solid structure, corrosion resistance and other characteristics; transmitter built-in anti-interference amplification circuit for signal output under complex conditions; products using spherical seal, easy to install, easy to use, adapt to the exploration and exploitation of the working conditions.
Product use:
Widely used in cementing, fracturing, acidizing, fracturing of oil well cementing vehicles and other large oil field equipment, products can replace the United States waytron Dowell, Stevenson, the history of Tivat Bijie, such as various types of imported fracturing truck sensor.