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NDJ-9S digital viscometer

Item No.: WLN003J
The image of product is sample, user can refer to the function and indicators of the sample custom products, can also according to the sample to provide OEM products to our customers. Can also according to the demand to provide RD design services
Product parameters
Service mode: ODM OEM RD
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NDJ-8S / 9S digital display viscometer rotational viscometer is the company 's upgrading of products. The instrument uses advanced mechanical design technology, manufacturing processes and microcomputer control technology , data acquisition is correct; use blue backlit display , high brightness LCD display , the data show clear.
The instrument has high sensitivity and reliable test results, easy to use operation , elegant design features, is used to measure the absolute Newtonian viscosity liquid instruments and non-Newtonian fluids apparent viscosity can be widely used oil, paint , plastics , pharmaceuticals, jewelry, paints , detergents , and other objects of viscosity measurements. 
Technical parameters : 
Type number NDJ-8S/NDJ-9S
Measuring range 1~2×106mPa.s/1~1×105mPa.s
Rotor specifications 1 - 4 rotor matching rotor 0 measurable low viscosity to 0.1mPa.s
rotor speed 0.3,0.6,1.5,3,6,12,30,60 Rev / min
Automatic gear Can automatically select the appropriate number and speed of the rotor
operation interface selection Chinese / English
Stable cursor Vertical block cursor full lattice display reading basic stability
Measuring accuracy  2% (Newton liquid)
Power supply AV 220V±10%
Work environment 5OC~35OC temperature, relative humidity is not more than 80%
Dimensions 370×325×280mm
Net weight 6.9kq