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K1100F automatic kjeldahl nitrogen determination apparatus

Item No.: FYS002G
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Product parameters
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Brief introduction:
Instrument can achieve the function of the digestive tube automatic exhaust cleaning, easy to complete titration cup automatic exhaust, automatic cleaning, the new design of the steam generating system can control the size of steam, the real-time detection of receiving liquid temperature; High precision decay resistance pump and linear motor micro control titration system to ensure the accuracy of experimental results. Widely used in food processing, feed production, tobacco, livestock, soil, environment monitoring, medicine, agriculture, scientific research, teaching, administration of quality supervision, and other fields, to determine the nitrogen or protein content.
1. Automatic distillation, titration, calculation, printing, automatic emptying and cleaning function, to provide a safe time-saving operation
2. The outer titration cup design, operating personnel for real-time control experiment
3. The steam flow control, the experiment is more convenient and flexible
4. Distillation temperature real-time monitor of produced liquid, slip out of the liquid in the temperature anomaly, automatic stop device work, ensure the accuracy of experimental results
5. Has the double distillation model, to meet different experimental requirements, to lessen the acid-base reaction intensity
6. The digestive tube rapid emptying function, avoid hot reagent of experiment personnel contact the distillation, to protect the safety of the researchers
7. High precision pump and titration system to ensure the accuracy of experimental results
8. Large LCD touch screen, simple operation, rich information, allows users to quickly master the use of instruments
9. The instrument has the security level, test tubes in the condensed water, reagent, steam generator, and other sensors, all information is in control, ensure the safety of experiment and operators
Technical indicators
Measuring range: 0.1 mg to 200 mg of nitrogen
Determination of speed: K1100:5 ~ 10 min K1100F: 3 ~ 8 min
Repeatability error: plus or minus 0.5%
Recovery rate: 99.5% or higher
Titration accuracy: step 1.0 u/L
Determination of sample weight: solid 5 gb or less
Liquid 20 ml or less
Condensate water consumption: 1.5L/min
Data storage: K1100:1000 sets of K1100F:1800 sets
Power supply: 220 VAC + 10% 50Hz
Rated power: 2KW
Dimension: 455mm*391mm*730mm
Net weight: 38Kg