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JK9830 Full Automatic Kjeldahl apparatus

Item No.: FYS003J
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Product parameters
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1. Designed with Kjeldahl Method to automatically test protein content of the nitrogen samples.
2. Apply intelligent design software system that samples distillation process can be fulfilled in several minutes.
3. Auto-fill quantitative liquid into required reagents, and intelligently detect the test state.
4.The distillation & condensation automatic cleaning system can improve the measurement accuracy.
5. The manual & automatic mode can easily switch, and the quantitative lye and boric acid absorption liquid can be filled in automatically.
6. Designed to store 10 groups of experimental programs, and the distillation time can be setted randomly and sound an alarm when distillation process is over.
7. Apply over-temperature, overpressure measurement and protection function over the distiller and pipeline.
8. The surrounding facilities of nitrogen pipe apply intellectualized design that contains safety protection design and user not-in-the-position reminder function.
9. Intelligent cooling water control system can fulfill control and detection on cooling water.
10. Designed with emergency stop operation function, and automatic fault detection function, sound & light alarm system.
Technical Parameters:
Measuring range: 0.1~250 mgN
Recovery rate: 99.5% or higher
Repeatability accuracy: ±0.5%
Sample weight: solid items< 6 g, liquid items< 16 ml
Distillation rate: 5~8 minutes/pc
Distillation time: can be set randomly
Cooling water consumption: 1.5 L/min
Operation mode: automatic/manual selectable
Display mode: 6 inch LCD screen
Max. power: 1500W (AC 220V 50Hz)
Can automatically control the alkaline, and boric acid, diluted, and leaching