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HCS – 500P infrared carbon sulfur analyzer

Item No.: FYS001J
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Product parameters
Service mode: ODM OEM RD
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Brief introduction:
HCS - 500 - p type infrared carbon sulfur analyzer based on pyroelectric sensor as the core, composed of high frequency induction furnace and microcomputer control system of intelligent infrared analysis instrument. Analysis software based on WINDOWS XP operating platform, has the standard WINDOWS interface in Chinese and humanized human-computer interaction function. Is mainly used in metallurgy, machinery, commodity inspection, scientific research, chemical and other industries of ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, rare earth metals, minerals, ores, ceramic materials such as carbon, sulfur content analysis.
1. Use the humanized design, structure and control board all production using modern processing technology, products and meticulous precision, the beauty is generous.
2. Micro processing unit USES at present the most popular ARM9 system, high speed USB and Ethernet TCP/IP protocol communication interface
3. At first using a multivariate nonlinear fitting linear calibration software, single point fitting and multi-point fitting correction
4. Adopt high-performance lithium tantalate pyroelectric infrared sensor, improve the detection sensitivity
5. Pneumatic system constant pressure constant current, stability analysis data
6. The burner heating device lead to the agreement of sulfur conversion rate, improve the stability of the sulfur determination
7. Comprehensive database retrieval, remote network query results
Technical parameters:
1. The scope of analysis:
(extensible carbon: 0.00001% ~ 0.00001% to 15%)
(extensible sulfur: 0.00001% ~ 0.00001% to 5%)
2. The sensitivity (minimum readings) : 0.1 PPM
3. The analysis accuracy (routine) :
Carbon: RSD 0.5% or less
Sulfur: RSD 1.0% or less
4. Analysis of error:
Carbon ISO9556-94 standard
Sulfur ISO4935-94 standard
5. Analysis time: 20 ~ 40 s (automatic control)
6. The electronic balance: 0 ~ 100 g
Weighing accuracy: 0.0001 g