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Force sensor

Item No.: CHG0131
We can provide you with the Second development of the sensor, customized or provide solutions and other services
Product parameters
Service mode: Second Development ,ODM or Provide Solution
Payment Terms: T/T , Western Union, PAYPAL
Features and uses
Monomer weighing apparatus
Rated load: 1,2,3,5,10,15,20,30,50T
Repeatability: 0.02%F & S
Rated output: 2mV/V ± 0.005
Delay (30min),:0.02%F, S, 0.03%F, S
Zero point balance: ± 2%F = S
Operating temperature: -10 DEG C, ~+50 DEG C
Input resistance: 750 ± 10
Influence of temperature on zero point: 0.004%F. S/ DEG C
Output resistance: 700 ± 10
Effect of temperature on range: 0.003%F & S/
Excitation voltage: 5-15VDC
Insulation resistance: 5000M (100V)
Nonlinearity: 0.02%F & S
Overload capacity: 200%F & S
Lag effect: 0.03%F & S
Material: Iron and steel