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DV - 1 Digital display rotational viscometer

Item No.: WLN003K
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Product parameters
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Brief introduction:
DV - type 1 digital display rotational viscometer is suitable for the determination of all kinds of liquid and semi-liquid absolute viscosity and rheological properties. Compared with the similar instrument, this instrument has high sensitivity, good anti-jamming performance, wide working voltage (110 v to 220 v, 50 hz - either 60 hz) test result is reliable, use easy to operate, the characteristics of modelling beautiful generous, is used to measure the absolute viscosity of Newtonian fluid and non-newtonian fluid apparent viscosity instrument, widely used in the determination of grease, paint, plastics, food, medicine, adhesive and so on all kinds of liquid viscosity measurement, the petroleum chemical industry, medicine, food, light industry, textile and other scientific research has a wide range of applications. Is the new product development, product quality control, test and analysis of one of the most used precision instruments.
Technical parameters:
Measuring range: 1 ~ 2 x 106 mpa. S
Rotor specifications: 1-4 rotor equipped with 0 rotor measurable low viscosity to 0.1 mPa. S
Rotor speed: 0.3, 0.6, 1.5, 3, 6, 12, 30, 60, revolutions per minute
Automatic transmission: can automatically choose the rotor number and speed
Interface choice: Chinese and English
When the cursor readout stability: the cursor bar squares full display reading basically stable
Measuring accuracy: + / - 2% (Newtonian liquid)
RS232 interface, can be connected to the computer and print the output data
Temperature probe: can timely observe temperature changes
Power supply: ac 220 v + 10% for 50 hz plus or minus 10%
Working conditions: temperature 50 c ~ 350 c, relative humidity is not greater than 80%
Dimension: 370 * 325 * 280 mm

Net weight: 7.4 kg