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Differential pressure remote transmitter

Item No.: CHG0126
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Overview of differential pressure remote transmitter products:
The diaphragm box of PT124B-3051DR differential pressure remote transmitting transmitter is used in the pressure sensor assembly to prevent the medium in the pipeline from entering the transmitter directly. It uses the filling fluid such as silicon oil to transfer the pressure between the transducer and the transmitter
3051DR differential pressure transmitter for measuring liquid level, liquid, gas or steam density, pressure, and then turn it into 4 ~ 20mADC HART current signal output, 3051DR or RSM100 Modem handheld terminal can also communicate with each other through their RST375, parameter setting, process monitoring and measuring range of.3051DR g / remote transmitter (absolute pressure no migration) is 0-1kPa ~ 2MPa, the rated pressure level of flange were: 1.6/4MPa, 6.4MPa, 10MPa, 150psi, 300PSI or 600psi.
Characteristics of differential pressure remote transmitter:
1.The world's leading high-precision silicon sensor technology, anti-interference is strong;
2. Excellent static performance, static optimal error less than ±0.1%/10MPa;
3.The sensor integrated with high sensitivity temperature sensor, transmitter temperature performance is excellent