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BT-9300Z laser particle size analyzer

Item No.: WKL001K
The image of product is sample, user can refer to the function and indicators of the sample custom products, can also according to the sample to provide OEM products to our customers. Can also according to the demand to provide RD design services
Product parameters
Service mode: ODM OEM RD
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Product Introduction
BT-9300Z laser particle size analyzer all its operations all done automatically under computer control , automatic testing, automatic optical calibration ( automatic ), the automatic water , automatic drainage , automatically eliminate bubbles, automatic cleaning and other special features.
1. Intelligent standard operating procedures (SOP) designs. In addition to adding the sample , all other operations automatically. Reducing errors caused by human factors , improve test accuracy.
2. The original calibration function : All instruments are calibrated by fully guarantee the accuracy of the test results. At the same time , to provide users with the instrument standard samples , users can verify the accuracy of the instrument.

3. Powerful software features. Mie scattering theory using precise inversion algorithm and free mode , you can get the real results of the particle size distribution of the sample . Report card can be easily converted into Word, Excel, PDF and other format files.
4. Automatic cycle unique design of distributed systems . He uses advanced ultrasonic disperser excited circuit , even an empty cup will not be damaged when opened ultrasound ; circulation flow from 500-2500ml / min continuously adjustable ; automatic water level measurement , avoid media overflow ; vent valve suspension only ensure reliable emissions closed and opened, and corrosion-resistant stainless steel casing pipe so that the circulation dispersion system durability.

5. Precision hybrid stepper motor. 1.3 micron minimum step , the focus has always been to ensure that the laser beam shines on the probe center , to improve the accuracy of the test results .
6. Integrated design, all-plastic shell, handsome in appearance , highlighting boutique style.
Performance indicators
Measurement range:0.1-1250 micron
Repeatability error:<1 %
Accuracy error:<1 %
Resolution:Single peak, Shuangfeng and multi peak
Focus mode:Automatic centering
Inlet mode:Automatic water absorption
Circulating pump and flow:Centrifugal pump, 500-2500ml/m
Ultrasonic dispersion: Dry type, 50W, 38KHz
Laser: Semiconductor laser