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Bridge anti overturn monitoring based on angle sensor

Item No.: WLS090
This is a case of sensor network solution. you can refer to the case put forward demand, we will provide the best service for you.
With the increasingly frequent use of bridging machine in railway construction, erecting machine overturning accidents. Bridge anti overturning device came into being, the figure 1. schematic diagram of the device by the Pathfinder wheel loading system and control system composed of two parts, installed in the bridge machine front.
To detect the angle sensor of the subgrade subsidence and Pathfinder wheelset and bridging machine frame caused by vertical and lateral tilt angle. In the Pathfinder wheel under the action, if the subgrade subsidence exceeds the specified value, or the amount of tilt track more than the specified value, the monitoring control system can timely alarm, and cut off the power supply of drive motor, and make emergency braking by erecting machine brake system, ensure the bridge machine does not enter the bad location, avoid bridging machine overturning.
Tilt sensor arrangement as shown in Figure 1. Transverse inclination sensor H1 detection about Pathfinder between round tie rod, said that due to uneven subsidence of subgrade caused by line horizontal angle; actual horizontal angle sensor H2 to detect body; the actual longitudinal inclination sensor L1 to detect body; L2 sensor detecting anti overturning device under longitudinal inclination arm the difference of longitudinal inclination sensor; L2 sensor and L1 measured, said subsidence subgrade vertical load applied in the Pathfinder system under wheel loading (subgrade and bridge machine caused by wheel sinkage equivalent), used to measure the compactness of subgrade. The above measured respectively compared with the study determined the respective threshold value to determine whether to meet the requirements of subgrade compactness, which can safely through the bridge machine.
NA4200 series dual axis tilt sensor is improved based on MEMS technology, products are analog outputs and RS485 digital output, high accuracy and excellent vibration resistance and long-term stability. In -40 - 85 DEG C temperature range, the zero drift is less than 0.5 degrees, the measuring range of 0 - plus or minus 90 degrees, the nonlinear is better than 0.01 degree, excellent repeatability. The sensing unit adopts anti vibration technology, solves the tilt sensor in vibration environment data change problem, module is not sensitive to vibration, can endure higher than the impact of 1000g.
Recommended product model: NA4200 series