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Application of welding workshop in Turck connector system

Item No.: WLS097
This is a case of sensor network solution. you can refer to the case put forward demand, we will provide the best service for you.
In the manufacturing process of Automobile Stamping - Welding - Coating - assembly process, welding automation, flexibility of the decision and prospects for the future development of automobile manufacturing industry. Therefore, as an important welding process in automobile manufacture, has a very high requirements for equipment reliability and control system.
In the welding workshop project, connector products as the highest frequency of use, the most species, with high reliability, high consumption of components, so in the selection of the time and the quality requirement is very strict. In the system of Turck inductive sensors and photoelectric sensors are widely used, as in part connected with the connector to meet basic reliable, sturdy, but also consider the spot welding robot work, will produce high temperature welding sparks, because it must make connectors and cables can meet the field requirements. As an important part of the welding workshop of car manufacturing industry, has an extremely high demand for reliability and equipment control system of network system security. Reliable composition of the neural network, so it is necessary to ensure the workshop, control bus control element has a high level of protection and anti jamming performance.
Turck solutions
Turck technicians understand the assembly and use of field devices and communicate with related technical personnel. Finally, a solution based on connector system is proposed
The robot with a large number of on-site welding connector and cable, the working environment will produce high temperature welding welding sparks, so there is no ordinary cable of high temperature resistant performance, Turck is applied in welding sparks and high-temperature irradiation PVC and irradiation PUR cable has been useless, can ensure the long time work when the connector cable did not burn. In addition, the welding robot arm shaft and other machine operation to make complex and reciprocating movement, and use for wiring connector and put forward a request, must meet the high bending.Turck high flexible pure PUR, the use of low smoke halogen free cables, make the problem smoothly done or easily solved.
In addition, customers using Allen-Bradley as the main controller, using DeviceNet field bus protocol, the site from the station using IP67 protection grade and quality has the anti-jamming performance of Turck BLOCK I/O products as a support. By connecting the standard connector to realize power supply, fieldbus communication and input / output signal of the fast and reliable connection with the exchange.
The Turck connector system adds value to the customer
Very high quality product quality, to provide quality assurance at the same time, reduce the cost of maintenance later
To receive customized services, tailored to suit the special needs of customers
A rich range of products to meet customer site use requirements, high protection level, has been installed and maintained
Compared with the traditional wiring mode, the wiring is simplified and the high efficiency installation is achieved
BLOCK I/O products support standard field protocol, with high protection level and anti-interference performance
TURCK connector system provides customers with a systematic connection program, reliable quality assurance, providing competitive prices and timely delivery cycle, will certainly meet your multi-faceted needs.