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Application of Turck pressure transmitter in tire vulcanizing machine

Item No.: WLS096
This is a case of sensor network solution. you can refer to the case put forward demand, we will provide the best service for you.
Tire manufacturing process can be divided into mixing, extrusion, calendering, bead molding, cord cut, vulcanized six procedure. Vulcanization process as the last process of tire production, in order to strengthen the tire wear resistance, anti rolling ability. And the pressure and temperature control during vulcanization process directly affect the tire curing effect therefore, in the curing process of tire, industrial control system strictly monitor and control the temperature and pressure of the sulfide in accordance with the preset value, and the temperature and pressure is insufficient, the methods of automatic delay vulcanizing temperature and pressure compensation.
The general process of tire curing process is the first pass into the inside of the capsule than general high temperature vulcanized 15 ~ 25% and 180 ~ 220 DEG C high temperature medium, the tire temperature, accelerate the crosslinking reaction; and then enter the pre curing stage, continuously into the high temperature medium, the temperature in the set value of 150 ~ 170 DEG C floating finally; curing stage, capsule will no longer pass into the high temperature medium, pressure, and temperature during vulcanization decreased by 20% ~ 35%, the isobaric variable temperature vulcanization.
In the actual production, the main parameters of mold pressure monitoring for the vulcanizing machine, pressure and mold temperature parameters of mold. The mold pressure monitoring requirements are relatively high. In the vulcanizing workshop tire manufacturers large in many hundreds of tire vulcanizing machine, vulcanizing machine need to be installed on the pressure. The sensor used for steam pressure measurement mold or system, so the sensor must have excellent high-temperature properties. Besides the vulcanization process itself requires the pressure sensor, the vulcanizing machine has heavy oil, water, severe vibration, narrow installation space and other characteristics, has very high requirements on the performance of the pressure sensor.
TURCK solutions
TURCK company PCS product group technical personnel for the above requirements and working conditions, to a number of vulcanizing machine customers recommend TURCK company's PT series pressure transmitter. This pressure transmitter model is PT040R-14-LI3-H1131.
The pressure range of PT series pressure transmitter PT040R-14-LI3-H1131 for 0 ~ 40bar, the analog current signal output of 4 ~ 20mA, the accuracy can reach the full range of 0.3%; the protective class is IP67, which can effectively prevent the intrusion of dust and water stains, ensure the product reliable long-term work; small size, size is only 22.8mm. The overall height is 70mm, is a good solution to the vulcanizing machine electrical control cabinet installed inside the narrow space of the problem; the pressure detection response time is less than 3MS, even small pressure fluctuation can be quickly detected and sent to the PLC to make the corresponding adjustment; excellent high temperature performance, the maximum temperature of 125 degrees Celsius. The media monitoring
Turck pressure transmitter product after use, with its excellent product performance, provide a guarantee for the reliable operation of the equipment, has been highly recognized by customers.
In addition to the direct use of pressure transmitter in the vulcanizing machine, vulcanizing in workshop, there are many other sensors. Such as the PS series pressure sensor used in workshop steam pipe pressure monitoring, proximity switches are also in the curing machine has a good use.