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Application of seismic accelerometer in unmanned ground surveillance (UGS)

Item No.: WLS092
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−± 3G (SF1500), ± 5g (SF2006).
−Very low noise level.
−Wide frequency response.
−Designed for low noise measurement of SF1500S.A
Selection of unattended sensors
Unmanned ground sensors (UGS) are commonly used in military reconnaissance, troop movement detection, target identification, and unmanned surveillance stations. They can also be used for perimeter security, border control, and cross-border control
This demanding applications need a compact, durable, high performance sensors. Compared with the traditional speed sensor coil and magnet, the acceleration in the application of battlefield surveillance and homeland security in the Si-FLEX line has several prominent and important advantages.
Rugged, reliable and ready to deploy
UGS applications usually need a compass to determine direction relative to the north. This deployment location information is essential to determine the input signal of the bearing is. The traditional sensor, using permanent magnets, limiting the use of near the compass. This problem is easy to solve Si-Flex servo speed, it adopts electrostatic feedback, do not need to any magnetic material. The frequency information is lower than that of 15Hz seismograph to solve.UGS underground facilities and other potential targets generally used is usually limited to response from 20 to 200. The frequency of Hz and Si-Flex accelerometer from DC to a few kHz environment are more broadly on the battlefield to receive signals, improve the detection, classification DC coupling and monitoring. The output of the Si-Flex accelerometer and tilt direction on the deployment of UGS data has additional effects.
Application specification
Human footsteps, signals of tanks and military vehicles produced by a detectable signal range of UGS receives the.UGS sensor due to the background noise, so it is limited. The background noise is 300ng/ when Hz, Si-Flex accelerometer can detect the weak signal from far away, and the largest in situational awareness on the battlefield.
UGS often do not use the parachute deployed directly from the aircraft to the ground. This method of deployment in UGS will be in contact with the ground impact acceleration meter.Si-Flex thousands of G even in the absence of external packaging, also can withstand the impact of the 1500g. But the short time of intelligent isolation damp, reduce the high gravity acceleration shock load packaging, can even make Si-Flex acceleration plan against higher level impact.
Various performance parameters such as frequency response, background noise and shock resistance, protection of the Si-Flex accelerometer to UGS and other related applications.UGS and similar devices can also be used for homeland security treaty verification and border patrol.