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Application of linear displacement sensor in hydraulic power plant

Item No.: WLS094
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Hydroelectric power is a complex process. In order to produce a stable current, the turbine must flow rate dependent stability. In our application, the flow rate is about 1200 liters / sec. This article is about the important role of the linear displacement sensor in the control flow rate.
Turbine has beautiful environment and water level drop and sustainable water gushing with linear displacement sensor, which can ensure the sustainable development of water. The Cistercian monastery "Marienstatt" started to use water in Eleventh Century, this is a good example. In the monastery, initially only by using water drive mill for grinding corn. Beginning in 1917, the use of flow driven DC generator for the Abbey monastery, power supply, power is only 9KW, mainly for the purpose of lighting.
In 50s, replaced by the turbine power generation system is a three-phase generator, the maximum output power is 68KW. but the control flow rate of feed has become a problem, because the water is known as the "Nister" of the river, the water flow rate fluctuation is large (125 ~ 1200 liters / sec), the flow of water through the turbines is not the average energy can be achieved not exceeding 45KW. summary of the last ten years, the cumulative generating a total of 15 million multi kilowatt.
However, the modernization of large-scale development, the stability of the power output of the large power requirements become inevitable. This task is located in Westerwald Mudenbach W accept RTH Wasserkraftanlagen GmbH company, designed the turbine flowmeter. The flowmeter is composed of a pressurized water chamber of two different size composition (2:1 ratio) and to ensure constant flow into the turbine, so as to obtain stable output current. As a result, the public is no longer the lack of electricity, and some power can feedback to the public. The water pressure control chamber of low velocity small, medium pressure water flow rate control cavity is larger, they will flow control in full flow rate of 1200 liters / seconds. One is called the guide vane device for regulating the water supply pressure of each water cavity, the guide vane flow control to ensure water flow smoothly into the flowmeter. The use of electronic components to enable the two pressurized water chamber work As a result, the position of the guide vanes is adjusted so as to achieve the best effect of the system coordination so as to keep the water flow constant and prevent the disorder
Turck linear displacement position sensor has the characteristics of high precision, can provide m level accuracy. It uses the analog output (4 ~ 20mA), can be detected to start the control valve to the hydraulic cylinder stroke, to accurately control the guide vane objective. Based on the channel level measurement, the guide vane is accurate to control, to ensure a constant water level. In the automatic mode of operation, the first step, the smaller the pressurized water chamber is opened, the generator is running, then reaches the rated speed. When the water pressure chamber 1 is opened, if the water level rises, the larger of the second pressurized water chamber will open 40%, water pressure at the same time the smaller room is completely closed (small pressurized water chamber flow 40% and 100% water pressure chamber is quite large). If the water pressure chamber 100% of the open water level is still rising, so small pressurized water chamber will gradually be opened until the maximum flow rate of up to 1200 l / s when the water. When the position drops, the two pressurized water chambers will be closed. Therefore, the maximum generating power can reach 85KW, and the power output will be increased by 25%. This year, the power generation will be considerable.