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Application of inclination sensor in excavator

Item No.: WLS099
This is a case of sensor network solution. you can refer to the case put forward demand, we will provide the best service for you.
Mining machinery is higher or lower than the mining machine for the surface material bucket, earthmoving machinery transport and loading or unloading of vehicles to the yard. The excavator is the main industry in the global construction machinery sales, second in size only to carry-scraper. Excavator used for various construction sites, road construction, the use of complex environment, safety system of excavator has been attached great importance to the components of the excavator buyers. Angle sensor module in the excavator system is mainly used in the following two aspects:
I. dip angle sensors are applied to the chassis system of excavators
The need for the whole equipment excavator chassis before reaching the level of the state, on the one hand to ensure safe operation, on the other hand, the mining depth and prepare accordingly. This is to measure the chassis angle in all directions by a tilt sensor, and the angle of the output signal to the PLC to drive the hydraulic cylinder to achieve the chassis the level.
Two. Tilt sensor is applied to the arm of excavator
Measurement of the depth of excavator is through parts of measuring machine arm angle, the depth data obtained by a mathematical calculation, usually requires three point measuring machine arm angle data. There are measured by laser method of mining depth on the market, but the price of expensive and not widely available, by measuring methods dip can greatly reduce the cost.
Tilt products include: single axis or dual axis tilt sensor (front and rear and left and right tilt angle measurement), measuring range: horizontal direction + 1 degrees to + 180 degrees, vertical direction of 0 degrees ~360 degrees.