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Application of Bonner photoelectric sensor in solar module production line

Item No.: WLS098
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In recent years, the rapid development of solar photovoltaic industry, which led to strong demand for solar module production line. The solar module production line including laminator, tester, sorting machine, glass washing machine, group box machines and other equipment. In the process of how to accurately correct the detected position of solar panels, reduce the battery plate broken probability, has been plagued by the problem of solar module production line manufacturers.
Solar panel "sensitive" issue challenges:
First, the high brightness fluorescent lamp has a strong interference to the photoelectric sensor in the factory building of the battery board, which affects the normal operation of the photoelectric sensor, and causes the sensor not to detect the battery board;
Second. For the production process of black solar panel, ordinary photoelectric sensors have obvious attenuation in detecting the distance of black objects, and it is easy to detect the missing products when the products are easy to be detected;
Third. Solar panels require strict photoelectric sensors and require very precise sensitivity adjustment during installation, which greatly increases the installation time of workers;
In view of the above difficulties, Bonner's background suppression QS18FF series photoelectric sensors for solar panel customers to solve the problem.
S18FF photoelectric sensor
QS18FF photoelectric sensor Bonner company to enhance the anti interference of fluorescent lamp, small volume, easy installation and easy setting, the visible LED small spot to allow customers to debug. In the detection of solar panels, because the electrode surface containing metal panels of the anti reflective coating, so the surface of solar panels presents the reflection rate of less than 1% of the dark blue, light emitted by the photoelectric sensor in general almost absorbed. At the same time by the polysilicon solar cell is built by composing the irregular crystals, and produce a variety of light reflection, affecting the normal work of the photoelectric sensor. The QS18FF photoelectric sensor to enhance the anti Bonner fluorescent light interference. And reduce the sensitivity to the colour of the object and lag, so reducing the surface of the reflective solar panels and produced by anodizing parts of many extra light The interference makes the customers do not have to interfere with the fluorescence sensor and distress, reduce solar panel breaking probability; in short distance detection of solar panels when QS18FF has extremely accurate background suppression performance, can ignore the detection range of objects from panels and reliably detect very thin and even if the object to be measured against the background; also QS18FF light enhanced resistance to interference, even if the two sensors are very close, also can be used normally, to ensure the detection of solar panels is reliable.
Application of QS18FF in detecting solar panels
The inhibition of QS18FF photoelectric sensor with the background is not only suitable for the panel detection, and many other applications, such as automatic box detection, detection of the glass of the occasion, the white position detection on the conveyor belt to bake food or chocolate, or in object detection sensor and is very thin (the measured object close to the environment), excellent optical performance of QS18FF photoelectric sensors and has its unique design (with background suppression) for the detection of application in special environment provides a more flexible and effective solutions.