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Application of accelerometer in strong motion measurement

Item No.: WLS088
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B earthquake sensor
Very low noise
Broadband response
high reliability
Adverse circumstances (shock, vibration, temperature)
Small size
Reliable performance
Strong motion instrument was used to record the earthquake distribution map and record how the earthquake impact buildings. Seismic data is used to create accurate maps to mitigate earthquake disasters. According to the local seismic risk map can make the building more appropriately be built. When the building is completed, it can be monitored at the time of the earthquake, the engineer we can verify the architectural design, copy failed, and to assess the normative construction. Earthquake applications require accelerometers have excellent stability, linearity, dynamic range and DC response. Si-Flex accelerometer will meet these stringent requirements, and all aspects of performance than the traditional sensor better.
Self detection and hypersensitivity
After the installation is complete, strong motion records are usually unattended, whenever the earthquake is independent to work. This means that the entire system, including the accelerometer must be long time reliable and consistent. Under the support of MEMS Si-Flex accelerometer can do with the passage of time is still reliable and repeatable. From this Si-Flex accelerometer low offset thermal conductivity of g/ + l00 ~ C, and low linear error 0.l% is obviously.
The earthquake acceleration records in the interior of the building projects are usually installed in the limited contact area. They are attached to the structural key places, such as beams, foundations and walls. Because these areas are not easily detected, so the self detection ability of the accelerometer is very important to.Si-FLEX SF1500 or SF2006 accelerometer are designed self very strong ability to adapt to the application of strong.TTL signal can be applied to the self-test pin remote sensor. The feedback loop signal is injected into the acceleration of the output channel in the accelerometer generates a pulse.
An earthquake is a range of magnitude that is so small that it is difficult to detect, but can cause a weak tremor of structural catastrophic damage, so a strong motion accelerometer needs to have enough dynamic range to measure the events that occur
And a good signal to noise ratio and range is extremely important. Those minor events are structural health monitoring and
Features provide a source of signals, which can help reveal deficiencies in construction or design, and in the early structure
A warning is given during aging. The structure's response to a major earthquake can help to identify fault patterns and improve design
Application specification
The vibration of building and large building structures such as bridges often happen. Due to low frequency vibration energy damage occurred in low frequency, so the need for a DC coupled flat frequency response acceleration meter to record these events. One is used to stabilize the DC coupling acceleration measurement of strong earthquakes can also measure the static tilt meter changes or the displacement in vibration occurs. The DC stability of Si-Flex while having excellent acceleration and flat frequency response, it is especially suitable for the measurement of strong earthquakes.
Personnel and property protection
Si-Flex accelerometer is only suitable for demanding performance requirements under strong earthquake application sensor. The protection of life and property in earthquake prone areas of the earthquake records system played an important role. And the system performance and success is highly dependent on technology and performance of the accelerometer.