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Application of accelerometer in Railway

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The high-tech train system will be integrated more and more in the future, to guide and control the vehicle, reduce maintenance costs and ease of maintenance planning, at the same time, improve the safety of passengers and drivers and comfort. Therefore, many kinds of sensors will continue into the modern train.
Most of these sensors is accelerometer, they can be mechanical motion detection and measurement of various forms, including inertial force (acceleration), tilt, vibration and shock. Different kinds of technology, such as capacitive, piezoelectric and piezoresistive between competing with each other, to provide the best solution. However, these different sensor technology, provide different levels of performance, and the best is obviously capacitor products, they have good long-term stability, temperature stability and accuracy.
Colibrys accelerometer is offering an alternative to traditional macro scale processing and assembly technology based on capacitive sensor.MEMS silicon MEMS manufacturing process. This technology in the microelectronics industry, and with the integrated circuit (IC) and specific MEMS processing technology combined with the development and production of micro mechanical structure the product.
For the measurement of low intermediate frequency (typically up to 1kHz @5%), capacitance method is superior to other techniques in the long-term reliability, long-term stability, signal noise, robustness, has better performance in the size and power consumption. Various applications of motion sensor technology in railway motion sensor technology in the field of railway. Typical examples are as follows:
Monitoring and diagnosis system for bogie safety and comfort
High speed train tilting control system for improving passenger comfort
Position monitoring of maglev train
Control system
Health and use monitoring system (HUMS)
Vibration monitoring during transportation
Precise train positioning
Railway track safety and maintenance monitoring system
Application specification
Colibrys accelerometer in Railway Technology
According to reports, there are many motion sensor products for MEMS capacitive acceleration of railway technology market opportunities.Colibrys projects have been fully aware of their high reliability in harsh environments, and has successfully obtained the key application of railway safety qualification.
One of the newest and most important qualification of MEMS capacitive acceleration on the train, tilting monitoring system in Germany ICE high-speed train on the latest generation of the SIEMENS Corporation has developed a bogie monitoring system, the detection range of bearings, drive shaft, brakes or the wheel wear and identify any potential the bogie is not stable, may lead to the accident. This is the first bogie monitoring system designed and manufactured by SIEMENS traffic history. This highly innovative bogie monitoring system using 24 Colibrys sensors per car, some 200 per vehicle installed sensor. Three trains have been at the earliest in 2010, the final system qualification will be identified in 2011.
Tilting trains are another perfect application because they have been used in many countries that have been able to successfully integrate capacitive accelerometers for many years
Colibrys is used in different types of accelerometers for railways:
•VS9000 - Colibrys is designed for vibration sensing need products, wide bandwidth, scalable g range, small size, special signal regulation. Full range is usually the series of products covering the whole of + 2G to + 200g, and from DC to 1 kHz under the condition of constant frequency response (<5% changes).
• the MS9000 product range is designed for inertial sensors that require long term stability
• SiFlexTM is the world's best class of seismic sensors and is widely used for vibration evaluation of structures, such as bridges and rails
Working principle
VS9000 and MS9000 sensor working in single supply voltage (2.5V and 5.5V), the current consumption is very low (<0.5mA, 5V). The acceleration in the power supply voltage range of 5V, the output is an analog voltage change between 0.5V and 4.5V ratio. It requires a stable power supply because, any instability will be transmitted directly to the output.
The sensor is fully integrated, packaged in a 20 pin LCC standard ceramic shell LCC20, so as to ensure adequate seal. The working temperature is in the range of -55 ~ C to +125 ~ C, performance under conditions of 6'000g impact is not reduced. If further technical information, please refer to the relevant product documentation and specifications.
MEMS capacitive accelerometer is the best candidate for high-speed train railway market rapid growth in most countries, and a new generation of high-speed train configuration will need more and more vehicle safety control equipment, this is the need for reliable and high precision accelerometer.
Colibrys is your smart partner to provide the best and adequate accelerometer for your railway applications
The application range of the product is from 1g to + 200g
Inertial, vibration and seismic sensors
Extended bandwidth (DC to >1kHz @ -5%)
Excellent long term stability
Adverse circumstances (shock, vibration, temperature)
Application of safety critical technology.