Molecular biology instrument

XQT-15 electrochemical luminescence analyzer

Item No.: SFZSW003
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XQT-15 series paper chip electrochemical luminescence tester, is my company developed a new type of electrochemical luminescence analysis of scientific instruments. The instrument will be the world's most advanced electrochemical luminescence technology and paper laboratory technology, is a foundation, the source of scientific instruments, to promote the innovation of China's scientific frontier has a great significance.
The electrochemical luminescence technology (the electrochemical luminescence markers for Ru (bpy), the original of the electrochemical analysis, chemiluminescence analysis together, it can be of the measured sample electrically induced chemiluminescence detection in real time and synchronous display of chemiluminescence and electrochemical signal analysis and carries on the detailed analysis. With the advantages of fast detection speed, good stability, high sensitivity, saving reagent and so on.
As an ideal tool for the determination of electrochemical reaction mechanism, electrode process dynamics and equilibrium constant, it is an ideal tool for the analysis, research and teaching of the electrochemical luminescence. Can be widely used in Colleges and universities, research institutes.
At the same time, it is an ideal tool for the determination of trace and trace analysis in solution, as a research tool for the research of professional research institutions, as well as the research methods of the detection methods. The instruments with professional reagent and detection method will be applied to a wider range of industries can be widely used in the field of Geology and mineral resources, quality supervision, health and epidemic prevention, customs, commodity inspection of environmental monitoring, pharmaceutical industry, etc..

1 detection speed, good accuracy, high stability
2 specimens with little dosage (5 L), saving reagent
3 instrument failure rate is low
4 automatic sampling, simple and convenient operation
5 detection sensitivity is high, can reach 1 10-15 x
6 with USB communication port, serial port and network port, communication with the computer, and can realize remote diagnosis and control
7 software system full Chinese menu and multi-level Chinese interface display, the instrument can be configured all Chinese LCD screen
8 can be customized according to user needs to upgrade
9 the instrument does not need special installation, plug and play, do not need special maintenance, low failure rate

Technical parameters:
Detection sensitivity: 1X10-3-10-15
Specificity: CV < 5%
Repeatability error: < 5% (repeatability):
Measuring range: 7 orders of magnitude
Detection time: 30s
The amount of samples: < 5 L
Automatic sampling time: < 8s
Volume: 36 * 24 * 26cm,
Weight: G 8Kg

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