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KHNA-500 nitrogen empty one machine

Item No.: SQTFS006C
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Product parameters
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    KHNA-500 nitrogen empty one machine, is my company's new generation of nitrogen, air-integrated gas generator. Air source without manual intervention to automatically waterproof, improve the degree of automation. The nitrogen in the air supply generator is a constant pressure and pure air produced by the instrument itself. The purity of the nitrogen gas is greatly improved. The instrument meets any type of gas chromatograph (geochemical analyzer) used by any manufacturer.
Using a two-stage regulator, is the production of nitrogen pressure and flow more stable.
Technical indicators:
1. Operating voltage: 220V ± 10% 50Hz
2. Nitrogen flow rate: 0 ~ 500ml / min
3. Output pressure: 0 ~ 300ml / min
4. Output pressure: 0.4MPa
5. Power consumption: 480W
6. Nitrogen stability: <0.003MPa
7. Working noise: <40Db (A)
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