EV-2600R Split Beam UVVIS Spectrophotometer

Item No.: FGGD001
The image of product is sample, user can refer to the function and indicators of the sample custom products, can also according to the sample to provide OEM products to our customers. Can also according to the demand to provide RD design services
NANO-200 Advanced Micro Devices amount of nucleic acid analyzer is a professional testing DNA, RNA concentration and purity of the instrument , able to quickly measure the concentration of nucleic acids. The amount of each sample required for measurement can be only 0.5 to 2ul . Directly to the sample point on the model . Without cuvettes or capillaries and other accessories. After the measurement , the sample can be selected directly and then wipe or pipette sample recovery .
Built-in system : built-in control and display system , no external computer
Touch screen: touch screen operator panel with combined user-friendly
Small sample : only trace sample volume , detection can be completed 0.5 to 2ul
Direct detection : No cuvettes or capillaries and other special attachments , directly on the sample test
Detection range: detection range up to 10--4000ng / ul (dsDNA), conventional UV - visible photometer several times
Detection speed : no warm-up , they can always detect only a single sample 5s
Data Transfer : Direct shows concentration test data can be printed , or through a USB flash , SD-RAM card output .

Technical parameters: 
Built-in system: does not need an external computer , stand-alone operation can be detected
Touch screen: operator panel touch screen operation and manipulation, to facilitate customers
sample volume :0.5 ~ 2μL
Optical path: 0.2mm ( high concentration measurement ), 1.0mm ( general concentration measurement )
light: Xenon flash 
wavelength range of fixed wavelength:230nm, 260nm, 280nm
Absorbance accuracy: 0.003 Abs

Absorbance accuracy : 1%
Absorbance range: 0.02 to 80 ( equivalent to 10mm)
Nucleic acid measurement range:10--4000ng / ul (dsDNA)
Protein measurement range: 0.1mg / ml - 100mg / ml
Test time: 5S
automatically shut down :No action within five minutes , it will automatically turn off the light source
Data :directly shows concentration detection data can be printed , or through a USB flash , SD-RAM card output hopper
Instrument Dimensions: W100 x D280 x H166 (mm)
sample holder material :Quartz fiber and high rigid aluminum
power :12V DC adapter

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