EU-2200 ultraviolet and visible spectrophotometer

Item No.: FGGD002
The image of product is sample, user can refer to the function and indicators of the sample custom products, can also according to the sample to provide OEM products to our customers. Can also according to the demand to provide RD design services
Luminosity mode:Transmittance, absorbance and energy.
quantitative model:The coefficient method, the prototype method (standard curve).
system application:Dark current correction, wavelength calibration, source management, etc.
Time to scan (dynamics) (PC online function).
Other Function:Map data processing, report printing, etc. (PC online function).
Lattice LCD screen, thin-film button, friendly interface, easy operation.
Can store more than standard curve and test data, maintain power.
ARMUpset plate and optical stents,Imported key parts, durable.
High precision, low stray light, low noise .
Automatic wavelength Settings, automatic light switch, automatic calibration and dark current blank correction.
Technical parameters:
wavelength coverage: 190-1100nm
Spectroscopic methods: single beam
spectral bandwidth :4nm(optional 2nm)
wavelength accuracy: ±1.0nm
wavelength repeatability: ≤0.2nm
Photometric range : 0~200%T,-0.3~3A
photometric accuracy :±0.5%T
Photometric repetitive: ≤0.2%T
stray light:≤0.1%T
baseline flatness : ±0.003A
Baseline drift (stability):≤0.002A/h(500nm,0A,after warming up 2 hours)
Noise: ±0.001A(500nm,P-P,after warming up half of one hour)
light splitting element: High performance 1200 / mm grating
detector:  Imported silicon photodiode
light source:Imported long-life tungsten lamp and deuterium lamp
display: 128*64Dot matrix LCD
keyboard input:poly dome
input/output interface: serial port,USBp
power supply: AC 90-250V,50/60Hz
Weight: 13kg
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