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DKFN-2L nitrogen air one machine

Item No.: SQTFS006B
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Product parameters
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Nitrogen air one machine is nitrogen, air two gas generator perfect organic combination, the instrument small size, simple operation, is an ideal gas generator products. The product can meet a variety of domestic and imported models of chromatography and various types of analytical experiments.
Nitrogen is produced using the world's most advanced materials, is purely physical separation method, it is directly from the air to extract nitrogen, gas purity. Built-in compression pump for 24 hours for nitrogen, do not need access from the outside air, with the use of safe and convenient, long life, high reliability, simple operation and so on. Because it is not a method of chemical separation of electrolyzed water, it does not pollute the working environment, no corrosion of the instrument, thus extending the life of the chromatograph. It can provide a carrier gas for various types of gas chromatograph at home and abroad. It is a new type of generator for replacing the traditional electrolytic solution of chemical separation nitrogen, the first in the country and the world leader.
The air is powered by a fully enclosed mute compressor. The natural air is purified to remove moisture, oil and impurities from the air. The output of the regulator is stable and clean, and the noise is low. It is ideal for replacing high-pressure air bottles. Air source.
Technical Parameters
Purity: 99.999% -99.9999% (optional, see table).
Particulate matter: content less than 0.01um.
In addition to carbon: in addition to carbon.
Output pressure: 0-0.45Mpa adjustable.
Water Dew Point: Less than -60 ° C
Pump: built-in oil-free air compressor.
Air purity: No oil grade 3
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