Nondestructive testing instrument

CDG - 1000 spring fluorescence detector

Item No.: WWJ002F
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Product parameters
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Brief introduction:
CDG - 1000 spring fluorescence detector for mechanical and electrical integration or separation of structure and system control of microcomputer semi-automatic wet fluorescent inspection machine equipment, applicable to all aspects of small and medium-sized spring surface and near surface crack, it with programmable controller (PLC) as the core to control system of mechanical process action, can according to prescribed procedures completed all inspection process, other than the defects of artificial observation can automatic operation, manual and single step again. Circumferential magnetization wear rod method, the longitudinal spring wire electric method, composite was carried out on the workpiece magnetized, power and phase control function, one-time magnetization can check work pieces inside and outside surface and near surface because of material, forging, quenching, grinding, fatigue and cause minor defects such as cracks and slag.
Technical indicators:
Wear good magnetizing current: AC 0-1000 - a (RMS) continuous adjustable, with the function of power phase control;
Spring a electric current: 0-500 - a continuous adjustable, with the function of power phase control;
Wear good way: pneumatic wear bar;
Clamping way: pneumatic clamping, air pressure: not less than 0.4 MPa (air users should bring along their own);
Magnetization methods: compound magnetization;
Operation mode: automatic control and manual single step;
Inspection beat: 5-6 seconds /;
Remanence stability: no more than 5%;
Detection sensitivity: surface specimens with type A 15/50 face, clear display;
Power supply: AC 380 v three-phase four-wire, 50 hz, about 80 a.
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