BD- 1000 Ultra micro spectrophotometer

Item No.: FGGD003
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Product Description: 
It is full wavelength, ultra micro spectrophotometer, can be used for measurement of nucleic acids, proteins, cells, microarray sample and regular full wavelength scanning, mainly used in the field of biology, medicine, pharmacy, microorganisms. It has high accuracy, fast measuring speed, small size and other excellent characteristics.
Super Characteristics
Surface tension technology, auto adjusting optical path
0.2-2uL sample volume, no need to dilute or measure container
Small volume, portable equipment, optional power supply module to meet site analysis and measurement in wild
 For unknown sample, it shows automatically results of full wavelength scanning
Easy to use, 1 sample, 3-5 seconds for full range scanning( regular mode), 1 second( quick mode).
Connected with computer through USB interface, no need power supply switching, without warming.
Advanced system Structure
Light source: original American imported xenon lamp (full spectrum, no need warming, 100millions long life)
Light path: quartz fiber stainless steel package, 100um laser drilling, precision of 1um.
Optical splitter: diffraction grating (no rotating, no mechanical motion error,wavelength stabilization, excellent reproducibility)
Detector: 2048/3648 column pixel CCD (equivalent to 2048/3648 detectors for simultaneously measuring)
Professional application software
 Easy to operate, many analysis module designed to meet kinds of filed.
  1, Measuring concentration of A260 nm nucleic acids
  2, Measuring concentration of protein
  3, OD600 measuring concentration of cells and bacterium
convenient data management mode. Each user account and password can be set for individual use, also can use the default public accounts.
live image storage format and form, form a compatible Excel, facilitate the follow-up data processing, and can generate Word analysis report.
have diagnostic state instrument working module, abnormal automatic jump out of a message, and guide to solve common problems.
Technical parameters
The instrument model BD- 100 BD- 200 BD- 500 BD- 1000
The minimum sample volume 2ul
Optical path 1mm (automatic adjustment of 0.2mm) 1mm (automatic adjustment of 0.1mm) 1mm (automatic adjustment of 0.05mm) 1mm (automatic adjustment of 0.05mm)
Light source Xenon flash lamp
The detector pixel 2048 CCD array 3648 CCD array 2048 CCD array 3648 CCD array
The wavelength range 220-750nm 220-840nm 190-840nm 190-850nm
Wavelength accuracy 1nm 0.4nm 1nm 0.4nm
Spectral accuracy 3nm (FWHM at Hg 253.7nm) 1.2nm (FWHM at Hg 253.7nm) 1.8nm (FWHM at Hg 253.7nm) 1.2nm (FWHM at Hg 253.7nm)
Optical absorption accuracy 0.003 OD (1mm path) 0.002OD (1mm path)
accuracy of the optical absorption 2% (at 0.76 at 257nm)
optical absorption range 0.02-75 OD (10mm path) 0.02-150 OD (10mm path) 0.02-300 OD (10mm path) 0.02-300 OD (10mm path)
The lower limit of detection 2ng/ul (dsDNA)
Detection limit 3700ng/ul (dsDNA) 7500ng/ul(dsDNA) 15000ng/ul(dsDNA)
The detection time <10 seconds <3 seconds, fast mode: 1 <5seconds <3 seconds, fast mode: 1
Bottom size 14*20cm
Weight 2kg
The sample base material 303 stainless steel and quartz fiber 316L stainless steel and quartz fiber 303 stainless steel and quartz fiber 316L stainless steel and quartz fiber
Operating voltage 12V
Computer operating system Windows 7, Windows 8 and other optional
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