About Us

   odm-cn.com is a trading platform of science and technology service based on China's technical resources, which provides industrial control design, instrument development and Internet of things technology services to global customers. Through this platform, customers can use very low cost and a very short time to complete their project plan, get a new prototype, have their own brand products.
odm-cn.com is a technology resource integration platform. It has dozens of colleges and universities in China, hundreds of scientific research institutes, thousands of manufacturers and hundreds of thousands of all kinds of technical personnel resources. Through this platform, we can not only provide customers with hardware design, software design, product design, product structure design and die design such as basic technical services. Prototype and can provide customers with product development, product customization and OEM product such as complete sets of technical services. Can also provide customers with the industry control and Internet of things technology solution.
odm-cn.com platform operations team is composed of China's technology resources integration experts, they come from the industrial control, chemical analysis, environmental protection, optical, life science, measurement, the measurement of the Internet technology and other fields. Can according to customer requirements to provide the best solution and to plan for the implementation of the scientific and effective allocation of resources, the working process of the high efficiency at low cost for customers to achieve satisfactory results.